Joan’s Story

Absolutely THE BEST spine surgeon around. My oldest son at 16 consulted Dr. Ozgur four years ago for disc herniation issues. We were advised to try every conservative route possible which we did but after 4 continuous years of pain and degeneration Dr. Ozgur felt it was time to do disc fusion. I can not tell you how absolutely terrific the surgery went with minimal pain and discomfort for my son. He was up and walking after having three discs fused three hours after surgery. One week later and we are almost 100 percent. Dr. Ozgur and his staff are absolute God sent! My sons pain that he felt on a daily basis is GONE Thank you Dr ozgur! Would NEVER consider another surgeon. Dr . Ozgur IS THE BEST. If you are suffering and are considering back surgery this is your doc

I am a musician, and When I came to Dr Ozgur my left hand had stopped working. I was shocked, and wondered if I would ever be able to play my guitar again. They found I needed a cervical spine fusion, which was performed over two days and went off flawlessly. My thanks to Dr Ozgur for excellent surgery, to Jordan for being there in recovery, and the rest of the staff for their caring attitude. After a very successful set of surgeries I am able to play my guitar and perform again with no problems.God knew I needed a superior surgeon, and that’s why I got you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Danny Wilson

Thank you, Dr Ozgur, Jordan and Yulia a million times! I would recommend this team to anyone having any kind of back pain. I had severe spinal stenosis at L3/L4 and L4/L5. I was constantly in pain, always looking for somewhere to sit down or lean on. Over the last 5 years my back pain has progressed rapidly and over the last 6 months it got to the point where I couldn’t even walk 30′. I was on so much pain medication, nerve pain medication and muscle relaxers. I waited until the pain got unbearable, finally I made the decision to see Dr Ozgur and to consider going through with back surgery. I I’m a 51-year-old that is very active. I had done the pain management thing for years.

I went to my 1st visit and saw his PA Jordan, who is amazing and she sent me to have a current MRI. Well my MRI came back worse than it was a year ago. After I had the MRI, I had my follow up appt to see Dr Ozgur. I walked in with my long list of questions. Before I could ask Dr Ozgur answered all of my questions, it was like he was in my head, answering my question before I could even ask it. By the time he was done talking to me I had no questions left on my list to ask him. It brought me to tears when he told me he could help me.
Doctor and his staff are dedicated, kind, compassionate, diligent. The way they take care of you too is so hard to find these days.

I knew I was in the right place and I knew he was going to be my surgeon when I left that appointment. He Is so confident, without being cocky and his voice, the way he talks is so reassuring, calming. Doctor has this demeanor that is amazing. The way he talks makes you feel so comfortable.

2 weeks later I had surgery and I have never had surgery in my life and had never been in the hospital except for the birth of my son. Within a few hours after surgery I was up walking around the halls of the hospital had a couple meals and went home that evening. The next 2 days after the surgery were tough but I made it through because of his staff, they walked me through it, held my hand and were always just a phone call away. Jordon talked to me whenever I needed something or even just to listen and reassure me. I was at a loss for words. Their empathy, caring and compassion showed in everything they did for me. Anytime I asked for something it was done. It’s been 6 weeks since my surgery, my back and leg pains are completely gone and I’m off all the medication I was taking. I have a life again, I can walk on the beach again, I can just walk AGAIN!!!!! Thank you so much for giving me my life back. After my surgery when I was walking around through the hall at the hospital, one of the nurses ask me who my surgeon was? I told her Dr Ozgur, and she replied, “oh yeah I already knew that all of his patients recover faster and go home earlier than any other doctor.” So please don’t wait as long as I did, don’t wait until the pain is unbearable, make an appointment and go talk to him and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Thank you again, Dr Ozgur you are my SUPERHERO!!!!!!

Ann Walker

Medical issues are not fun to deal with. However if they arise, having a superior practitioner such as Dr. Ozgur makes the experience much easier. His calming influence, obvious expertise and his staff made my experience and outcome more than I expected. The months of evaluation and the eventual minimally invasive surgery on my spine resulted in the full elimination of severe symptoms of pain and numbness immediately upon surgery completion. Further comment is redundant except to say I could not have wished for more. Spouse. About a year ago my husband seemed to be heading to a walker or a wheelchair. Dr. Ozgur initiated evaluations and subsequent treatment for spinal stenosis that culminated in minimally invasive surgery on his spine. The results are stunning. All pain and numbness were gone immediately. There are no words to describe the regard we have for Dr. Ozgur and his very competent staff, and the appreciation we have for his professionalism and caring manner.

After months of pain management without success, it was a relief to see Dr. Ozgur for my husband’s back. He was amazing. He took the time to give a good explanation of the problem and the solution. We were able to schedule surgery right way since my husband could barely walk and could not sit. His office is great – returning calls right away – Yulia was so receptive when we had questions. I highly recommend this office.

My wife was recommended to Dr. Ozgur for a spinal issue, and ended up undergoing surgery with him to correct. We found him to be be very competent, and he spent the time needed to figure out her difficult case. Dr. Ozgur had a great bedside manner, and his whole team was skilled and helpful – which made a difficult situation into a much more tolerable experience. Everyone was very careful and kept things in order, double checked everything, and made us feel well taken care of. We were impressed throughout the process of coming in as a new patient, to receiving and understanding a course of action, to the surgery itself. The surgery went well, during which Dr. Ozgur found an additional issue and corrected it within the same surgery (so no need to go through it all again!). Two weeks after the surgery, my wife is recovering quickly and feeling so much better. We are very happy with the results, and would highly recommend Dr. Ozgur.

Dr. Ozgur and his staff are my heroes. I had a severe herniated disc that ultimately fractured a section off that was floating around against my sciatic nerve. Needless to say, my PCP had me in a continuous (and unhelpful) cycle of x-rays, PT, and drugs. After a few years of this I finally escalated by demanding a MRI as this last episode had me laying on the ground (even at work) for months. I could not sit and I could barely walk. Long story short I was referred to Dr. Ozgur immediately. The initial consultation was very promising as Dr. Ozgur and his SA were confident my L5-S1 disc fracture could be extracted and that area tidied up. The team at One Brain & Spine (and especially Yulia) pushed me through to surgery within that very same week due to my pain level. I woke up after surgery (without pain) and was able to walk out of the hospital and SIT down to a dinner with my wife on the way home. First time in a long time. Life has been great since. Thank you guys!

After 70 Years of Pain, Surgery Has Marlene Kelley Dancing Again

Marlene Kelley is dancing again. Actually, as an 81-year-old with lifelong back pain, Marlene is doing more than dancing. She’s also singing her doctor’s praises.

“Dr. Ozgur is my sweetheart,” said Marlene. “He’s given me my life back.”

Marlene was 11 years old when she slipped on her tailbone. In the 70 years that have passed, she has endured on-and-off back pain that she “just learned to live with.” She raised three children, stayed active and even took up tap dancing.

But in the past year, Marlene’s backpain grew excruciating. The pain started to radiate down her leg and robbed her of her independence. She relied on a walker and rarely got out, let alone danced.

She had heard about back surgery her whole life, but most of the stories were cautionary tales. So, when a pain specialist recommended Burak Ozgur, M.D., a neurosurgeon and chief of service for the Neurosurgical Spine Program at Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute at Hoag, Marlene was more than a bit skeptical.

“I was not enthused about this. I had always heard traumatic stories about going under for your spine,” she said. “I didn’t believe anybody could help me. I didn’t believe what they were saying.”

At the same time, the pain had grown unbearable. Marlene’s quality of life had deteriorated so drastically, that she was willing to listen to what Dr. Ozgur had to say. Marlene said the neurosurgeon’s confidence and kindness convinced her to give it a try.

Marlene’s medical team was confident they could help her, not only because has spinal surgery evolved drastically in the last seven decades, but because the techniques employed by Hoag are among the most innovative in the nation.

Dr. Ozgur diagnosed Marlene with a common condition called spinal stenosis where the nerves are pinched and it causes severe pain, numbness and tingling. He performed a minimally-invasive micro-decompression of the spine through a tiny incision, and was able to shave down some of the bone and clean out the space around the nerves.

Just one day after the operation, Marlene was back home. And less than two months after surgery Marlene joined a line-dancing group.

“When I woke up, I was in total shock about everything. I couldn’t believe how well and how great I felt,” Marlene said. “I always had my limitations, but now there is nothing I can’t do. I haven’t felt like this in years, really in years. I still am careful about things I do. I’m not a young kid. But it’s so wonderful to not have that horrible, horrible pain all the time.”

Marlene’s praise of Dr. Ozgur’s talents and demeanor are effusive: “What a jewel. He’s just such a sweet and gentle man. I love him.”

And she has equally kind words to say about the medical team and staff at Hoag.

“The whole staff and everyone there at Hoag was just so wonderful,” she said. “They took care of me like I was a little baby.

“I just love that man and that whole staff,” she said. “Honey, it feels so wonderful just to be a normal person again.”

I have had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ozgur and his staff. He fully understood my problem and changed my life by getting rid of my excruciating leg pain. He is truly a superb surgeon and professional.

– Agnes

I am an active 68 year old woman who has had chronic back pain since my early 30’s. It became necessary to have fusion surgery. I am so grateful to have had Dr. Ozgur as my surgeon. He was generous with his time, answered all my questions, quelled my fears and is an amazing surgeon! Because of him I am getting my quality of life back. Both he and his staff have exceeded my expectations. I cannot recommend both he and his staff enough.

– Charlotte

Dr. Burak Ozgur and his excellent staff performed surgery on my neck Fb 15, 2018, using the ExcelsiusGPS unit, which translates to “robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery.” The results were extremely successful and there was an absolute minimum of pain! The use of my hand and arm returned rapidly. I feel many years younger and now I am able to return to my active lifestyle of the past. I am deeply appreciative of, and grateful for the exceptional skills and care of both Dr. Ozgur and his hospital. I feel blessed by this experience.

– Richard

Dr. Ozgur gave me first class treatment from beginning to end. His assistant Erin answered all my questions by email and phone. I am grateful for Dr. Ozgur’s professionalism and reassurances which helped me get through my first surgery.

– Daniel

I’m not the kind of person who feels comfortable asking for help, but I always seemed to find the help I needed-at the time, during my office visits with Dr. Ozgur. At my first visit, I was terrified, as my legs weren’t working correctly. After talking with him, I was relieved to know that my spine could be repaired, and knew that he would be the one to do it. Subsequently, after a few more visits, over the next several months, I came to a point when I knew something needed to be done soon. I made the decision,and underwent one of the two necessary surgeries. The results were excellent. I have a deeply felt appreciation, and a heartfelt thankfulness for everything in Dr. Ozgur’s life that went in to making him both an excellent neurosurgeon, and a good person. I have found that what he does and how he does it to be nothing short of inspirational. Thank you, Dr. Ozgur.

– Pamela

I was referred to Dr. Ozgur by my neurologist when she determined that surgery on my cervical spine was probably needed. eft my first consultation appointment with Dr. Ozgur very impressed not only with him, but his entire staff. Dr. Ozgur answered all of my questions, some even before l was able to ask them. The entire process from consultation, surgery and follow-up has been totally seamless. I appreciate the excellent care that have received from Dr. Ozgur and his staff, and would highly recommend him as a neurosurgeon.

– Linda

Dr. Burak Ozgur and his team are an awesome group to work with and both he and his Physician Assistant, Erin Wood, are very patient and willing to listen. I appreciate his confidence in what he does and his willingness to share that confidence with me, his patient! I would highly recommend him and should I need back surgery again, he would be my first choice.

– Florence

Dr Ozgur is unique, he values you as a patient and treats you with a level of respect seldom found in the medical profession today. He is an excellent listener, and his demeanor is exceptional and very positive, which brings comfort, instills confidence and trust. He is thorough in testing, precise in diagnosis, decisive in recommendations and clearly defines expectations. Unlike most surgeons – one size fits all – Dr.Ozgur evaluates the whole person: impact on lifestyle, personal goals, expectations and quality of health; but more importantly, he encourages minimum not maximum surgical intervention when possible. His practice is meticulously organized and operates well as a team, which encourages a level of professional comfort and confidence in him as a Surgeon. Each person on his staff, in particular Dr. Erin Wood and Yulia Koral, is personable, professional, efficient, caring and executes in a timely and thoughtful manner. This level of respect for the comfort of his patients sends an important message that those same skill sets will be a part of the surgical procedure, which is exactly the positive outcome that I experienced. The quality of care he provides is unsurpassed; and in my opinion, Dr. Ozgur is the most competent surgeon I have had the pleasure of meeting.

– Judith

Dr. Ozgur is an outstanding doctor. I am an 86 year old man with spinal stenosis. I had pain in both legs and visited another doctor who said it was not worthwhile to do an operation. My Primary Dr. recommended Dr. Ozgur. During my appointment he discussed everything about the surgery. I had the operation in the morning and I was at home that evening. The staff is also outstanding and the appointments are within 5-10 minutes of scheduled time. I am now back to playing senior slo-pitch softball. Thank you to Dr. Ozgur, Erin his P.A. and Yulia, Office Mgr.

– David

Dr. Burak Ozgur is one of the best Neurosurgeons. He uses state of the art equipment and his surgical skills are excellent. I am so pleased and happy with the outcome of my surgery. Dr. Ozgur performed a 3 level cervical neck fusion on me ftom C4 thru C7, with a very successful outcome. My family and friends are amazed at how well I am doing. I continue to improve, and I would not hesitate ti recommend Dr, Ozgur to anyone who needs spinal surgery. Thanks to him, I am getting the quality of my life back. I feel very blessed and appreciative to have him as my Doctor!

– Lisa

It has been 3½ months since my surgery, and I have become one of the patients who is now asking, “Why did I wait so long for the surgery?” I am now pain-free, and because I feel so well, my biggest problem is forcing myself to slow down and not try activities that are too strenuous for this stage of recovery. I would recommend Dr. Ozgur to anyone who is suffering from chronic back pain. He has given me my active life back!

– Marcia

Excellent Care

Excellent Staff


– David

Dr Ozgur gave me my life back. I can’t sing enough praise about my experience with him personally and his surgical skill. After suffering from a ruptured disc and stenosis, and the accompanying sciatica pain from hip to toe that immobilized me for 8 months, Dr Ozgur performed minimally invasive surgery and cured my problem. I was walking around right after surgery without pain and went home that same day. It was nothing less than a miracle. I thought my life was over, but instead, I have a new beginning at age 70.

Also impressive were the consultations. Dr Ozgur actually sat and listened to what I had to say or ask. He wasn’t on the computer taking notes, looking at his watch or running out the door while listening. He was very impressive, as was Erin, his PA, who took the notes and answered every email I sent.

I think it’s important to note that over the 8 months of suffering I had seen 2 surgeons, a pain management doctor, had 3 epidurals, had acupuncture, saw a chiropractor and taken every drug usually prescribed for pain – all to no avail. So, that’s why I say that being pain free is a miraculous gift from Dr Ozgur. I highly recommend his services without hesitation.

– Steve

Dr. Ozgur performed minimally invasive surgery on my lower back on 4/2/15. After surgery, I had literally no pain… that is “0” pain! I am now two weeks post-op, and I still have almost no pain. Because my back is so messed up, I know I will never be totally free of pain, but Dr. Ozgur helped me to be in a very minimal amount of pain. I would recommend him to anyone who needs back surgery. He and his assistant, Erin, P.A., are wonderful and caring professionals.


After several years of severe back pain, I was fortunate enough to receive a referral to Dr. Ozgur. Dr. Ozgur, P.A. Erin, Lisa and the entire staff were very professional, showed great concern for my welfare, and all showed a genuine interest in my getting better.

Dr. Ozgur explained in great detail what my problem was. He then, very carefully and professionally explained what he was going to do to my spine in order to relieve my back pain.

WELL, to my astonishment, the minimal invasive surgery was ultra successful. I awoke, knowing that what I felt was surgery pain and NOT back pain. It was and still is a miracle.

I would recommend Dr. Ozgur and P.A. Erin to anyone that wants relief and fixed properly.

This was indeed the most perfect medical procedure and recovery ever!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!


Dr. Ozgur is amazing from start to finish. I couldn’t be more please and happy with my new lease on life.

– Louise

Awesome. I have my life back. I barely have a scar. What an amazing surgeon. Dr. Ozgur is very caring. I will forever be grateful. Great staff too!


Best of the best!
After interviewing all the top surgeons in the San Francisco Bay area and scheduling a surgery, Dr. Ozgur was referred to me by one of his patients. I flew down to Newport to get one final opinion of what the correct surgical procedure should be for my diagnosis. Within 5 minutes of my first visit, I knew he was the doctor I wanted to cut me open. I cancelled my surgery in San Francisco and booked it with Dr. Ozgur that day! His bedside manner, confidence and professionalism made me feel like I was in excellent hands. He took the time to walk me through the procedure and show me a model of what the final product would look like and that the procedure would be way less evasive than the one I was about to have in San Francisco. His support staff are incredible and are always available to assist with questions as they came up. I am thrilled that I flew all the way to Newport for my surgery! Thank you Dr. Ozgur, thank you. I continue to spread your name to others in need of the “best of the best” neurosurgeons out there!
Thanks again!

– Michelle

I have had spinal stenosis that has progressively worsened and negatively affected my active lifestyle for the last 5 to 10 years, finally reaching the point where I could not stand up for more than five minutes at a time. Upon reaching Medicare age, I thoroughly researched physicians that would best take care of my condition. Wile I live over 40 miles away, I chose Dr. Ozgur. After my initial visit to his office and meeting his very professional staff, I knew I made the right decision. My surgery was two months ago and I have had absolutely no symptoms (sever numbness in feet, legs and buttocks) from the first time I stood in the recovery room. I was walking the neighborhood in no time and now can walk almost indefinite distances with no pain or numbness.
I have enjoyed my post surgical visits with Dr. Ozgur and can’t say enough about his staff, both Erin (PA) and Lisa have been extremely professional and have always been very thorough with their responses to my questions. I have already recommended Dr. Ozgur to a close friend would highly recommend Dr. Ozgur to anyone suffering from back or neck pain.

– Gerald

Dr. Ozgur & Staff
I am 85 years old and had back pain that lasted more years than I care to disclose. Dr Ozgur performed surgery, and I am now able to walk without pain and I feel great. I was up walking around in hours, spent one night in the hospital and was home the next day.
If you are looking for a great surgeon, who takes the time to review your options, recommends the options to take, and explains the surgery procedures in plain English.

Thank you Doctor Ozgur for your skill and competence. I have recommended you and your staff (PA Erin Gleckman – ET AL) to my friends and associates and will continue to do so in the future. I am very grateful for what you have done. God bless you all.

– Floyd

After suffering from spinal stenosis for over 20 years, my experience with Dr. Ozgur has definitely been life changing. After only 6 weeks post op., I am experiencing less pain and taking less meds than I have in 20 years. Dr. Ozgur has a very professional and caring approach. Not only is he an amazingly competent surgeon, he exudes a confidence that is very reassuring. He explains all aspects of the procedure in depth and gladly answers all question before and after surgery. I would like to thank Dr. Ozgur, his Physicians Assistant, Erin, and his knowledgeable and efficient office staff for guiding us through this seemingly difficult experience.

– Ray

Words can’t express how thankful I am for the results of the surgery performed by Dr. Ozgur for spinal stenosis. I began to have pressure and pain in my lower back in my early 70s and assumed it was part of the “ageing process”. A year later, I developed numbness in my feet after walking 3-4 blocks. I then had an MRI and the first words out of my mouth when I was told the results were, “I will never have back surgery”. Physical therapy did not help my symptoms so I consulted with Dr. Ozgur, who was recommended by a friend, to consider the next step. I was extremely impressed with his thoroughness as he explained how surgery would help and he took time to answer my many questions. In addition, the fact that his surgery is minimally invasive, which means less healing time, helped me make the decision to proceed with the surgery. Now after 3 weeks, I am able to walk 1-2 miles with no pain or pressure in my back and no numbness in my feet. How can I be anything but thankful and appreciative for Dr. Ozgur’s skill and expertise? Now instead of entering the “Golden Years” being disabled I am entering them feeling young again!!

– Nancy

Great experience and results with Dr. Ozgur and Staff. Thank you for your help and support. Excellent care before, during and after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Ozgur for anyone who is having back problems.

– Larry

Dr Ozgur and the entire staff were supportive, helpful and put my quality of life first. Lisa was the most supportive office team member I have experienced in my journey to improve my back issues. Erin was helpful with questions and concerns about my options. Dr Ozgur took the time to weigh all options, encourage me to try all non-surgical methods first, and when no success was there to support me. As soon as I woke up from the procedure the pain was gone and thanks to his superb surgical skills I am on the road to being me again…One of the best decisions I have made was to allow him to “fix” my back. Thank you all.

– Breean

What can I say more about this wonderful and skilled doctor. This [upcoming lumbar spine surgery] will be my second surgery with him and Erin, his PA. [After my cervical spine surgery] I was back was back at work in 2 weeks and feeling better. He is so calm and treats you like family. I am so glad to have Dr. Ozgur in my life. Thank you all, Lisa is also one in a million, they are lucky to have her and especially Erin.

– Freyda

I had successful back surgery by Dr. Ozgur. After 3 days, I had minimum pain and was off pain medication by the 4th day. After a month, I was back to my normal activities. I would definitely recommend Dr. Ozgur and have recommended him.

– Charles

I am over 92 years old. Before I came to [Dr. Ozgur] I had a lot of pain in my lower back. I could hardly walk and I thought my good days were over. After trying several types of remedies, I finally decided to have surgery. I am very happy, I feel like I have been given a new life. I can walk, dance and do exercise with absolutely no pain. I look forward to many years of happiness. Thank you!

– Morris

Dr. Ozgur is the best in the business. I recently fused my C5/6 (Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion, Cage, Instrumentation Cervical 5/6). He walked me through everything step by step and made sure I understood the surgical process. The surgery could not have gone smoother. His bedside manor was phenomenal. I spent one night in the hospital for observation and was out the next day. All the nurses that attended to me said that Dr. Ozgur’s patients are always the quickest to recover and that if any of their loved ones needed a surgery like mine that they would no doubt refer them to Dr. Ozgur. He is leading the advancement of minimally invasive surgery in the neck helping to minimize recovery time and post-surgical pain. I had surgery in the morning and was walking around the hospital that night! My recovery was much easier than I expected with minimal pain and discomfort. It has been one month now since my surgery and my scar has almost completely vanished. If you are interviewing doctors for disc replacement or fusion I would add Dr. Ozgur to that list.

– Ryan

I feel Dr. Ozgur was very caring and extremely thorough. Excellent follow up. Very skilled at what he does. The surgery did everything he said it would. He helped me so much!!!

– Marian

I had lumbar disc surgery for severe lower back pain and right leg pain with severe, progressive right leg weakness. Pain went away the same day of surgery. Weakness in the right leg is back to normal now. I went from a wheelchair to a walker and now I am off the walker and started to drive my car. I had the best experience and best results with Dr. Ozgur and his staff. I recommend him highly!

– Radwan

Dr. Ozgur is the most caring, thoughtful, considerate , kind Neurosurgeon I have ever met. I trusted him immediately. I knew my spine would be challenging for him to fix, but he has brought me out of the pain I had been in for a very long time! I have been referring patients to him-I have complete confidence in his skills and his PA Erin Gleckman. Their office with Lisa works so well as a team. I am so thankful to have them in my life! My family is thrilled that I will be able to return to doing fun things together again. Sincerely, Janet AKA Ana; wife, mother and grandmother of five.

– Janet

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