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Dr. Burak Ozgur, one of the Best US Neurosurgeon, prioritizes his patients’ well-being and care. He provides the best and safest possible treatments to all who see him. His compassion and and his expertise in Minimally Invasive Surgeries are just two reasons among many as to why patients seek out the care of Dr. Ozgur.

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LeRoy (Bud) and Alfredda (Fredi) Volberding’s Story

About 18 months ago my wife and I decided that the time had come to address our long term. sciatica pain which was slowly worsening. We both had the same symptoms. We had exhausted all non surgical treatments with no real help. We set out to interview four neurosurgeons with Dr. Ozgur the last. Based on that interview, checking references, and reviews from other patients we chose him and have been extremely happy with the result. Zero pain or discomfort. He and his fine staff are the best of the best. Thank you Dr. Ozgur!

Carolyn Michel’s Story

Spinal Stenosis

Carolyn Michel was suffering from debilitating Spinal Stenosis, which threatened her independence and quality of life. She was referred to Burak Ozgur MD, one of the Best US Neurosurgeon, for a minimally invasive spine surgery. Today, Carolyn is back on her independent and active lifestyle and doing the things she loves to do.

Laurel Ramsey

Spinal Stenosis

Michelle Chadwick

Unstable lumbar spine

Carla Mauldin

Instability, Degeneration, Stenosis

Dorys Balboa

Disc herniation and Stenosis

Raymond Macken

Spinal Stenosis

Nancy Otis

Spinal Stenosis

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