If your back pain has lasted longer than 6 months, you most likely are experiencing chronic back pain. This pain can develop anywhere from the neck to the lower spine and tends to radiate from a central point. Burak Ozgur, MD can help relieve your symptoms by utilizing minimally invasive treatment methods.

Cause of chronic back pain may be difficult to identify since it can originate in soft tissue, bone, discs, or nerves. Heavy smokers, people who work at places that require repetitive or heavy lifting, or people actively involved in certain sports are more likely to develop low back pain. In addition, diseases such as spinal osteoarthritis, spondylitis, and compression fractures can also cause chronic pain, some of which are more prevalent in the elderly. Seniors are at higher risk for chronic back pain.

During your scheduled appointment, Burak Ozgur, MD will determine the best course of action to treat your chronic back pain. Our goal is to help you return to your healthy, active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

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