For patients requiring an inpatient or outpatient testing

Burak Ozgur, MD, top US neurosurgeon, strives to make his patient admissions and scheduling process as easy as possible for patients requiring an inpatient stay or outpatient testing. While the following information addresses most issues, if you require additional information please call us at (949) 383-4190 or toll free 888-64-SPINE.

Patient Registration and Admissions

Patients soon to be admitted for care should call Patient Registration and Admissions at (949) 383-4190 or toll free 888-64-SPINE.

Admissions personnel will schedule your admission and obtain necessary information including but not limited to:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Insurance Information
  • Diagnosis

Patients will be informed of the date and time to arrive at the hospital and will be given directions for where to go in the hospital.

About Insurance

Burak Ozgur, MD participates in most major insurance plans. Our philosophy is to create sensible partnerships with insurance providers covering members of our communities.

Patients requiring either an inpatient stay or outpatient testing should check with their insurance provider to determine insurance coverage prior to visit.

Occasionally, patients may find that their insurance coverage requires that certain services be received only at specific locations. We work with patients to ensure that they receive these services.

Scheduling Outpatient Testing

For existing patients of Burak Ozgur, MD, you can request to schedule outpatient testing through the Patient Portal.

For new patients, you can call us at (949) 383-4190 or toll free 888-64-SPINE or send us an email so our staff can:

  • Obtain necessary information from you
  • Schedule your test(s)
  • Provide instructions regarding your test(s) and where to go for them
  • Provide instructions for any necessary preparation prior to testing


Your discharge is determined by Burak Ozgur, MD. To make sure your return home goes as smoothly as possible, your spine neurosurgeon team will begin planning your discharge shortly after your admission.

We make every effort to discharge patients early in the day. However, circumstances beyond our control may delay your discharge until later in the day.

At the time of your discharge, we will provide instructions for your continued care at home and will let you know how to schedule follow-up appointments with Burak Ozgur, MD if needed.