Minimally invasive spine surgery is more than a set of extraordinarily advanced tools and techniques—it’s a state of mind.
For Burak Ozgur, MD, minimally invasive spine surgery is an approach to surgery that places minimal disruption and maximum results as equal priorities. It is a conscious decision and deliberate effort made by the surgeon to try and preserve as much native tissue, usually muscles and ligaments, as possible without compromising the surgical goal of treating spinal pathologies. With this technique, patients tend to heal faster and experience less pain.

Not all patients are appropriate candidates for minimally invasive procedures. It is important to keep in mind that there needs to be certainty that the same or better results can be achieved with minimally invasive surgery as more invasive surgical alternatives.

With all non-emergency spinal conditions, Dr. Ozgur recommends that patients undergo appropriate conservative treatment first, such as physical therapy, pain medication, and/or bracing. When there are no improvements in the condition, this is the only time that surgery is considered. The time period of this varies depending on the specific condition, procedure, pain level, and rate of improvement. Dr. Ozgur always carefully weighs the benefits of surgery against its risks. Although a large percentage of patients report significant symptom and pain relief, there is no guarantee that surgery will have the same outcome for every individual.
Most minimally invasive spine surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis. In some cases, Dr. Ozgur may require a hospital stay, typically less than 24 hours to two days, depending on the procedure.

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