New Pain Relief for the New Year

Helping Relieving Your Pain for 2015

2014 may not have been the best year of pain relief for you. Whether you suffer from back pain or are recovering from spinal surgery, we would like to offer some items that can help relieve the pain for the New Year.

  • Wrist braces can help support the bones and muscles which can relieve pain and swelling in your wrists.
  • An exercise mat at home so that doing stretches and exercises in the comfort of your own space is easier.
  • Exercise equipment like free weights or a treadmill at home can help you improve your strengthen your bones and muscles.
  • Heating pads or blankets and ice packs are good to ease severe pain flare-ups.
  • A back support for your car or chair can help reduce fatigue on your back and improve your sitting posture.
  • Support pillows for your back and neck can ease the pain when you are sleeping and promote a better night’s sleep which will help your body heal.

While these products are recommended to help with pain in the upcoming year, there is no replacement for a doctor’s care. Dr. Ozgur has helped many patients with their back pain in 2014 and continues to do so. If, in 2015, your pain becomes unbearable, call us at 949-383-4190 or toll free at 888-64-SPINE or Contact us to schedule an appointment. We wish everyone a pain-free New Year.


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