After undergoing spinal disc surgery, you may also need to undergo dynamic stabilization of the lumbar spine to help improve your overall results. Of course, before you undergo dynamic stabilization, it is beneficial to learn more about what the process entails and why it may be necessary.

What is dynamic stabilization?

Dynamic stabilization is a surgical technique that involves placing a dynamic stabilization device into your affected disc. This process requires using screws to anchor the device to the vertebrae. These screws are connected to plastic tubes and rope to help prevent excess tension and compression.

What is the purpose of dynamic stabilization?

Dynamic stabilization is beneficial because it allows for some movement of the spine while also maintaining a certain level of stability. If your spine is unstable, excess motion can lead to pinched nerves. This results in numbness, leg pain and weakness. Stabilizing the spinal column helps to limit these motions, thereby preventing nerve damage from occurring.

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